Fog in the Aegean leads to accidents, no injuries

ANA-MPA — The Hellenic Seaways high-speed passenger and car ferry “Flying Cat 4” was being checked for damages on Sunday afternoon, after running aground in shallows just outside the harbour of the island of Tinos on Sunday morning due to the misty conditions.

Private divers were inspecting the ship’s hull, seeking ways to extricate the ship without further damaging the hull in the process. A tug boat from Mykonos is already in hand to attempt to tow the catamaran-style ferry to the island.

There were no injuries among the 239 passengers aboard the ‘Flying Cat 4’ and they were all transferred safely to Tinos harbour in fishing boats.

The ship had set out from Rafina and was due to stop at Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini.

The passengers headed for the remaining destinations will continue their journey using other ferry lines, following arrangements made by the ship owner.

Collision in Chios

There were no injuries in a collision on Sunday between a coast guard rescue vessel and the cruise ship “Aegean Paradise” east of the harbour on the island of Chios. According to authorities, the collision was caused due to misty conditions prevailing at the time and only the coast guard vessel, which was carrying 25 irregular migrants, suffered damages.

The irregular migrants were taken safely to Chios harbour, where the coast guard vessel was lifted out of the water for inspection and repairs.

The “Aegean Paradise” will remain at Chios harbour until an inspection is carried out by the shipping register it belongs to before continuing its journey.