First evaluation of the new programme to start in October

ANA – MPA–  The procedures for the first evaluation of the new programme will start in October, a senior eurozone official said on Wednesday.

Apart from the technical issues of the evaluation, issues of political interest such as the IMF’s role, measures for debt relief and the banks recapitalisation, will also be raised, he noted.

On the IMF role, he estimated that an agreement will probably be reached. Regarding the recapitalisation of the banks, he said that it will be discussed at the Eurogroup meeting next Saturday.

The official noted that the repercussions of the capital controls on the Greek market were limited compared to other countries such as Iceland and Cyprus while he could not predict when they will be lifted.

Finally, he expressed his certainty that the new Greek government will respect the agreement adding that the terms of the memorandum are under constant negotiation and some of them may change.