Erdogan adviser warns Greeks off their own islets

Erdogan's visit to Greece is the first of a Turkish head of state in 65 years - D. Tosidis via DW

In an interview aired on Turkish TV channel TRT on Wednesday, a senior adviser of Turkish President Erdogan warned Athens that “anyone who sets foot on the islets of Imia” in the eastern Aegean will “feel the anger of Turkey, worse than that in Afrin

We will break the arms and legs of any officers, of the prime minister or of any minister who dares to step onto Imia in the Aegean,” he said.

The interview has been widely covered by the Turkish media, some of which claim that the Greek government is taking advantage of the Turkish engagement with Syria to increase  activity in the region to strengthen the ownership claim of the Greek islets that Turkey disputes.

The Greek foreign ministry, currently preoccupied by the name dispute with neighbouring FYROM, issued a statement condemning the threats issued this week the Turkish senior official describing them as  “unspeakable” and “alien to European political culture.” “Mr Bulut should understand such comments do not help improve relations between the two countries” the statement added.