Economy, migration to top agenda of EuroMed summit in Athens –

Sigmalive — The leaders of Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy, Portugal and Malta gathered in Athens today, Friday, to  discuss economic policy, migration and security. It is hoped that the meeting  ‘will lead to a strengthening of ties between the Southersn European countries  and help Southern European states reach common positions on key issues ahead of the European Union leaders’ summit’ in Bratislava, Slovakia, on the following Friday.
Spain which has only got an acting prime minister in Mariano Rajoy  will be represented by its State Secretary for European Affairs, Fernando Eguidazu
Government sources said that in terms of economic policy, Greece will be calling for growth-friendly measures, better use of EU funds and protecting workers’ rights. On the issue of migration, Athens is to call for more support for the EU-Turkey agreement and the strengthening of the European Asylum Service, among others.