EasyJet passengers: ‘Dumped in Santorini’

Adrian Pingstone/Wikimedia Commons

Last Monday in Santorini an  easyJet cabin crew member’s illness caused a lot of problems for some passengers who were getting ready to return to Manchester from their holidays.  EasyJet announced that 34 passengers would not be able to travel on flight EZY1852 from Santorini to Manchester because  safety regulations meant  that the flight had to carry fewer passengers.

An easyjet spokesman said : “easyJet asked for volunteers who we would arrange alternative travel for or a refund, along with compensation of EU400 each in line with EU261 regulations, hotel accommodation in Santorini and transfers to and from the airport.
“The safety and welfare of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority.
 easyJet would like to thank the 34 passengers who volunteered and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

But despite the airline’s initial promise, the company was unable to find availability from the Greek island to Manchester and some passengers were told that the next available flight  is on Thursday – to Gatwick, leaving them stranded in Santorini.

easyJet operates 3 flights a week from Santorini to Manchester and as many  to Gatwick  in the beginning of August, but most of the flights appear to have limited availability.

Among the unlucky passengers, a  couple who celebrated their engagement on a luxury 5* holiday to Santorini now claim they have been dumped in a ‘horror hotel’ by easyJet.


Speaking to the Manchester Evening News from Santorini, one of the couple,  Katie said: “We were at a five star hotel and we’d just got engaged, it was perfect. Now we’re at an absolute dump on a hill.

“easyJet have pretty much ignored us and have offered no apology. We agreed not to fly because they promised us 400 Euros in cash and a flight the next day.

“Now we’ve no money and when we get to Gatwick we’ll have to buy our own train ticket. We’re supposed to be in work, the car is at Manchester Airport and we’d only paid to Monday.”

Edited YXamonakis – ApokoronasNews