Crete property developer convicted of fraud ordered to pay £569,000 back to victims

West Yorkshire Police — A Bradford man who was convicted in 2015 of fraud has been ordered to pay back over £569,000.

Ralph Christie, 56, previously of Bradford and latterly of Crete was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in March 2015 after been found guilty of five counts of fraud relating to his “vision” to develop hotel sites on Crete.

On the 26th of April 2018 at Bradford Crown Court he was ordered to pay back a total of £569,990.64 money to the complainants of the frauds for which he was convicted.

Christie has  now 3 months to pay the money back or face an additional 4 years imprisonment in default of non-payment.

Referring to last Thursday’s Bradford Court Decision,  Ms Senior – Head of the Economic Crime Unit at West Yorkshire Police, said:

“This was a complex confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act but the Financial Investigator worked tirelessly to recover money from Christie.

“At the centre of this were the victims who lost a lot of money because of the fraud.

“The impact on them in many cases was considerable and at least today we have secured money back from Christie.”

Ms Senior added: “The order made will be robustly enforced and if Christie fails to pay this order he will face a further 4 years in prison and the debt he owes to society will remain with him for life until paid in full.”

Additional information Development Finance Today, 11/3/2015