Crete National Observatory stations provide snow data for Greece and Europe

Tornos News — Two fully equipped meteorological and snow-measurement stations on Crete island, set up by researchers of the National Athens Observatory and SCiENTACT company, will allow Greece to provide continuous snow data for the first time.

The first station was installed at 1,400 metres’ altitude near Nida plateau of Anogia municipality, on Psiloritis mountain, and the second at 1,650 metres, near the lodge Kallergi on Lefka Ori.

Besides main parametres such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind velocity, pressure and radiation, the two stations will also calculate snowfall and snow depth, snow temperature and the atmosphere’s CO2 content.

Both permanent stations belong to the National Observatory network on Crete island which includes another 40 active stations.

According to researchers Kostas Lagouvardos and Vassiliki Kotroni, the two new stations will provide the first systematic attempt to measure snowfall in Greece as well as the southernmost part of Europe.

A website with live updates provided by these two stations will be announced soon, while more information will be presented in Rethymno during the “Night of the researcher” organized on Friday at the Paleontological Museum of Crete.