Couple found dead on Greek island ‘sacrificed themselves in Satanic ritual 24 hours before ‘Wolf Moon’

The Mirror — A couple found dead on the  Greek island of Kefalonia are believed to have sacrificed themselves in a Satanic ritual.

The bodies of Bulgarian Lilia Botusheva, 23, and her German boyfriend, 30, were found in their Airbnb apartment in gruesome circumstances on the island  on January 2.

Their room was covered in blood and both had suffered fatal knife injuries.

Lilia, who was reported missing by her family in Bulgaria last July, took her own life first according to the coroners report.

Her boyfriend then got into the bath and stabbed himself through the heart.

The deaths took place 24 hours before the full moon of New Year’s Day – nicknamed the ‘Wolf Moon’ and the brightest of 2018.

Lilia’s family and friends have been posting desperate messages on social media appealing for help finding her for months.

They had mentioned fears that she had become involved with a Satanic group.

The coroner noted that Lilia had multiple scars that indicated previous self-harm.