Chania second best in Greece for quality of life

According to the 2015 annual Quality of Life survey , Kos and Chania are the towns that top the quality of life index in Greece, which makes Chania the second best town to live in Greece. Partas and Athens are last on the list of Greek cities and Greece comes 36th overall out of the 86 countries included in the survey –

The Quality of Life index is made up of a series of factors including safety, healthcare, consumer prices and purchasing power, traffic commute, pollution and property price to income ratio.

What is taken into account when measuring quality of life

Safety: The safety index was determined by such questions as how serious the respondents felt the crime level is and how it changed over the last 3 years. It also included questions about the perception of safety during day and night and how worried the respondents are of getting robbed, insulted or attacked.

Healthcare: The respondents were asked about the competency of medical staff and the quality of medical equipment, the speed of completing examinations, the accuracy and friendliness when dealing with patients.

Consumer Prices: A relative indicator of prices for consumer goods, including groceries, restaurants, transportation and utilities but excluding rent and property prices. Like other indexes the CPI was collected from consumer responses to a few dozen questions on the prices of specific items.

Purchasing Power: the ability of the population to spend on consumer goods.

Traffic Commute: It’s a composite index of the time spent commuting, but also the dissatisfaction by the consumed time and an estimation of CO2 consumption.

Pollution: This indicator considered such questions as perception of water and air quality, accessibility of drinking water, noise pollution, public green spaces and satisfaction with rubbish disposal.

Property Price to Income Ratio: how many years of disposable income are needed to make up the price of the average property

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