Chania court hands out more severe punishments for animal abuse

Library picture of Lizzie - one of many abandoned dogs that needs rehoming
Exactly a week after the first prison sentence for animal abuse was handed by a court to a Chania woman, on Wednesday 7 February two more cases of animal abuse were heard at Chania court.
In the first of these cases involving the mistreatment of five dogs, the three judge panel handed the accused, a couple from Chania, one year prison sentences to each of the accused, plus fines.
The sentence was suspended for one of the two accused.
The other case involved abuse of two animals by a shepherd and threatening behaviour towards the members of the welfare association that were trying to help the animals.
Again a one year suspended sentence was handed to the accused as well as a 5000 euro fine.
Members of the Chania animal welfare association gave court evidence on both cases.