Chania animal welfare respond with petition urging continuation of sterilisation programme

Library picture of Lizzie - one of many abandoned dogs that needs rehoming

Following the suspension of the stray sterilisation programme  in Chania Town, animal welfare organisations organised  a petition to urge the municipal council to continue its cooperation with the volunteer vets and address its legal responsibilities for managing stray animals.

Many individuals involved in animal welfare fear that the current suspension will lead to an expansion of the already large stray population in Chania and that will ultimately result to increased cases of poisoning of strays and a lot more animal neglect, suffering and abandonment of stray and unwanted animals.

The petition

In Greek and English – English text below, (follows the Greek )

During the last few months a carefully planned effort has been undertaken in Chania by a small group of local vets, the Μunicipal vet, certain Μunicipal authorities and the State Veterinary Service of Chania to foil the free program of sterilizing stray animals.

Their arguments are untenable, unrealistic, untruthful and selfish.The program is materialized legally by European volunteer vets in cooperation with the Municipality of Chania and is unanimously approved by the Municipal Council.

Τhese individuals act against the city of Chania, which has been overrun by stray animals, and disdain volunteerism. Their actions are deeply anti‐animal loving and aim to serve the financial interest of some local vets.Moreover, from the side of certain municipal authorities there is an effort to supplant the volunteer citizens who care for the strays of our city, body and soul.

Their purpose is to “cleanse” the city from the stray animals through starvation and death.

Will we allow this?

Let’s all vote to put an end to their ominous practices and actions against animals.
We vote
 FOR the cooperation of Chania city with the European volunteer Vets!
FOR the cooperation of ALL VOLUNTEER VETS, regardless of their nationality!

In order to safely neuter as many stray animals as possible!


Another petition, in English only,  which started about four of days ago by an individual, alarmed at the news that the volunteer vet programme was suspended has already collected nearly 3000 signatures. It urges the mayor of Chania Mr Vamvoukas, to  appoint a municipal vet who will treat and neuter all the stray animals in Chania.

“I find myself in the position to set up this petition as at the moment I am fostering 14 puppies,feeding more than 30 dogs and dozens of cats and all this just because you seem NOT to understand how vital is for the town to have a public vet.

They [the strays]  all have been former beloved pets and thrown in the streets when got bored of them.Mr Mayor,and anyone in the position to take decisions for the benefits of stray animals,you should thoroughly consider to set it up fast as, we, the animal protectors we will stop being the idiots of the town,as we are paying from our pockets for medical treatment,  vaccinations,sterilisations,food,etc.
And ,YES,you need to make a big change,cause if you don t do something about castrations,especially,we will all drown in strays,sick,crippled animals!the lucky ones,die quickly…”

“And you,citizens of Chania, you have the power in your hands,you can vote for people who are willing to support any programs to give the animals in Crete a decent life!” the write up of the petition concludes.

For the full text and to sign, HERE