Cargo ships in Almyrida bay

Bob Scott — The Amina H cargo ship has now been anchored in the Almyrida Bay for many weeks, and now has been joined by a second vessel, Murvet Ana.  I obviously cannot monitor all of Amina H’s  movements over that period, but I do worry about what is happening to the human effluent and other waste on the ship. Is it kept on board, tankered away or just being dumped in the sea? The enquiries I have made so far have drawn a blank. No-one appears to be interested in taking responsibility for the question.

We have several Blue Flag beaches close to the vessel and it would be interesting to know if the ship has had any detrimental effect on the water quality – especially in the high-season month of August. How would we know? Maybe you could ask some questions in the right places?

Bob Scott

Apokoronas Environment Group

Amina H  – Panama – general cargo

Murvet Ana – Turkey – general cargo




AN: The coastguard told me that there shouldn’t be any waste at all going into the sea.

Apokoronas council regularly  monitors the quality of the water in Kalyves / Almyrida  largely to ensure that the sewage treatment plant works effectively and has given both beaches a clean bill of health.  I will certainly try to ask some more  questions.