Cabinet reshuffle announced Friday with rebel ministers replaced

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday announced a cabinet reshuffle, replacing ministers that have either resigned or are leaving the government as a result of not supporting the government position on the new agreement with the lenders .

The new Government was announced shortly after 8.30 p.m., due to the fires all over Greece.

Mr. Pavlos Polakis, Chania MP and former Mayor of Sfakia was appointed Deputy Minister for Interior and Administrative Reorganisation

Panos Skourletis, until now minister of labour, will become Productive Reconstruction, Energy and Environment Minister in the place of Panagiotis Lafazanis, who is leaving the government.

The labour ministry, which will also now incorporate the social insurance portfolio, will be transferred to George Katrougalos, until now the alternate minister for administrative reform. ANEL MP Pavlos Haikalis will join the government as deputy minister for social insurance.

The administrative reform portfolio will in turn be taken over by Christoforos Bernardakis, formerly the general secretary for coordinating government operations.

The posts left empty at the foreign ministry – following the departure of Euclid Tsakalotos and Nikos Chountis (who joins the European Parliament) – will be filled by Syriza MP Yiannis Amanatidis as deputy minister and Sia Anagnostopoulou as alternate minister for European affairs.

Replacing former Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani, who has resigned, is the vice-president of the tax office employees federation Tryfon Alexiadis.

Kostas Isichos will be replaced as alternate defence minister by Dimitris Vitsas.

Syriza MP for Arta Olga Gerovasili will take over as Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister and government spokesperson.

Chania MP Georgios Stathakis remains in his position as minister for the Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism .

The new cabinet members will not be sworn in on Friday, as originally planned, due to the emergency situation caused by the fires.

The new Government was announced shortly after 8.30 p.m., due to the fires all over Greece and the swearing in ceremony will take place on Saturday .