British holidaymaker in hospital after drinking suspected ‘spiked’ alcohol

The Mirror — A 20 year old British holidaymaker  is in hospital in Greece treated for possible kidney damage after a drinking party which included what police suspect to be ‘spiked’ drinks.

Police think methanol  is responsible but the investigation is ongoing. Methanol which is  is sometimes used to adulterate drinks  is known for its toxicity and can cause blindness when consumed as alcohol.

Hannah Powell from Ormesby near Middlesbrough, was rushed to hospital in agony after waking up ­sightless in both eyes and with extreme stomach pain following a night out on the Ionian island of Zakynthos.

Doctors carried out emergency ­treatment for acute kidney failure, and she is still struggling to regain her sight.

Hannah  is treated at the General University Hospital of Patras in Rio, on the Greek mainland. Doctors are unsure if her full sight or kidneys will return to normal.