Brexit Department ‘Staffed by people of very low IQ’ says Yanis Varoufakis on BBC’s QT

Yanis Varoufakis on Question Time, Oct 2016 / BBC

Huffington Post — Former Greek finance minister has called the Brexit department “Pythonesque” and staffed with “people of very low IQ”.

On BBC’s Question Time Yanis Varoufakis he did not want to see Britain’s post-European future “decided behind closed doors by this Pythonesque department of exit, staffed by several people of very low IQ, in my opinion”.

He said he despised the “demonisation” of people who voted out of the European Union, but that parliament should get a say on the terms of Britain’s exit.

“The greatest argument for Brexit concerns the restoration of national sovereignty and the sovereignty of the House of Commons”, he said.

“What does this mean at this juncture? What it means is we  need to create the circumstances for the House of Commons to enter into a debate on what kind of Brexit you have.”

“What you said to the establishment was: start cooking, recipe to follow. We want Brexit, but we don’t know what kind of Brexit we want.”

“Britain has decided for Brexit, but you have not decided which Brexit. And there are a multitude of different Brexits to choose from.”

He refused to name any Brexit department staffers who might be of low IQ, saying these were already well known.

20th October 2016 – BBC Question Time from Hartlepool on  the US election and Brexit