Bear population in Greece has increased, study finds

A study conducted by ARKTOUROS, the Greek wildlife conservation organization, between 2007 and 2010 found that the number of bears in Greece has increased.

“At this moment, there are 360 recorded individual bears, which indicates a population increase, compared to the last count of 250 bears. Based on the count the ARKTOUROS scientific team estimated that the number of bears in Greece is  at least 450,” the organization’s report notes.

The study was conducted around the mountain range of Pindos, located in Northern Greece. Researchers collected genetic material from bears by attaching small wires on electricity poles, against which bears tend to scratch themselves, the reports explains.

“The recovery of the bear population in Greece is a practical reaffirmation of the effectiveness of ARKTOUROS activities. However,bears continue to be an endangered species and their protection must continue with the same pace,” ARKTOUROS clarifies.