Apokoronas to develop diving centre

Mayor Koukianakis is going ahead with his plans to create a diving centre and sea park in Apokoronas to develop special interest tourism in the area.

Mr Koukianakis announced on Wednesday that he has commissioned a sea bed survey to identify a suitable and safe diving area, possibly around Cape Drapano area, for the creation of a  sea park  .

The plans of the development have been a part of Mr Koukianakis’s pre election commitment to fully develop the potential of Apokoronas and to promote the natural resources of the area through new alternative tourism packages.

The proposed diving centre will have a 50-meter depth and will be close to the coast for easy access. The depth of the water will suit more experienced divers, but the park will also have areas where the diving depth will be limited to 20 metres to suit the less experienced scuba diver and snorkeler.