Apokoronas Solidarity Initiative’s Antiracist Festival Event in Tsivaras

The local community in Apokoronas in response to the arrival in the safety of Crete of people fleeing war and repression, has organised several solidarity activities to support refugees and protect them from racially aggravated hostility.

The Apokoronas Solidarity Initiative seeks to improve the living conditions  through shelter and  food provision and through creating links with local organisations in the community, and raising awareness of the issues surrounding migration in today’s Europe.

The early event will take place at Tsivaras Cultural Centre (Old School) on Saturday 26 August starting at 19:30.

The discussion will be introduced by Manolos Fragakis chair of Chania Social Pharmacy , Christos Papadakis from the Chania Social Kitchen and Orestis Davlias from the Chania Migrant’s Centre.

The discussion will be followed by a Eastern Mediterranean music event.

There  is no entry fee but non perishable food items, olive oil, and medicine donations will be welcome. There is a need for all types of medicines particularly Bepanthol, sudocrem, pulvo, betadine, fucidin, insulin anti inflammatory medicines and  antibiotics.

The 12th anti Racist Festival will take place at Chania Park in 16 – 17 September.

Edited for Apokoronas News