Apokoronas council takes action to ensure safe and clean drinking water

Apokoronas council has carried out €1.4 million works to clean and upgrade and extend the drinking water network in January of this year. Water storage tanks and pumping stations were serviced, new ones were added and the water mains network was extended. Some of these storage tanks according to a council source had never been cleaned or serviced before and did not meet ‘even the basic hygiene standards’.

Apokoronas council has now signed a contract with the Water Control Lab of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete to monitor the quality of the drinking water in Apokoronas. In the past two years, there have been a number of reported cases of drinking water contamination affecting several villages in Apokoronas, that became the subject of political wrangle in the council chamber.

The deal with the TEI will help monitor and maintain the quality of the drinking water of Apokoronas, by regularly testing the quality of the water so that the councils water services can take quick and effective action to deal with any contamination problems and guarantee the quality of drinking water.

The contractors will test samples of water monthly, from 52 sampling points throughout the Apokoronas water network and another six samples a month will be tested at the water sources, springs and wells. The annual cost of the 696 water sample tests is € 25000, or just under €36 per test.