Adulterated EVOO withdrawn from market in northern Greece

A batch of extra virgin olive oil was declared unfit for human consumption  by the Greek Food Standards Agency in Thessaloniki to be as it contains ‘significant amounts’ of artificially coloured vegetable oils of unspecified origin.

mani2The  Food Standards agency adds  that there is no risk to public health.

The oil was distributed in northern Greece with under the  name MANI and was apparently produced in the Peloponnese by ELAK AE. The affected product was sold in one litre bottles with best by dates 30- 12 – 2016. It was distributed by MANAKON a Thessaloniki based company.

The Food standards agency recalled the product and advises consumers not to use any of the affected product, but  to return it to the store they bought it from.

The food standards agency continues its investigation, trying to identify those responsible for the fraud, by following the trail of the coloured vegetable oil.

A severe punishment awaits those responsible a food standards agency official was quoted as saying, adding that ‘these people are damaging the reputation of one of the finest export products of Greece to the overseas markets.