10 million euro for BOAK road safety improvements

Last Wednesday Crete governor, Stavros Arnaoutakis, approved a 10 million € budget for safety improvements along 27 km of danger spots on the North trunk Road BOAK in Crete, that will include road surface repairs, lighting, cleaning and new signs.

At the same time Mr Arnaoutakis signed a 500k € agreement with Minoa council (Heraklion) to carry out repairs on the local road network.

Mr Arnaoutakis also said that he hopes to have in the next couple of months the completed study for all the improvements needed in the BOAK across the wnole of the island. The study has been carried out by Egnatia AE, the state company responsible for the Egnatia motorway (Igoumenitsa to the Turkish border) in northern Greece.

“We will continue to argue for a new toll free East/West road along the Northern side of Crete, funded by the European investment Bank” added Mr Arnaoutakis